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Greg Williams

Greg Williams,
U.S. Army, Iraq

In his bedroom, Greg Williams has boxing and wrestling trophies from his high school years. Today, he’d be happy to run just a few feet.

While Greg was serving in Iraq in 2006, he was injured by a roadside bomb, shattering both bones in his lower leg.

Now, as he tries to build a new life for himself, Greg finds that getting back to normal is anything but easy. After finishing physical rehabilitation, Greg struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and needs additional follow-up treatment. Out on his own, he has fallen through the cracks, left to rehabilitate himself.

Unfortunately, Greg’s story is familiar to many disabled veterans. Endless bureaucracy and inadequate funding have left far too many men and women who served in the military to fend for themselves.

There is a better way. America can stand up for its disabled veterans by supporting legislation that provides them with better medical care, sufficient federal funding and assistance for their caregivers.

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